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Activate Intuitive Mastery 5 Week System helping you create a new blueprint for your life. This teleseminar series begins May 28th.

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When you have consistent contact with your Intuitive Self – limitations you once thought were huge just fade away and disappear. You feel better, your self-confidence rises… ALLOWING YOU TO SAY YES! TO FULFILLING YOUR DREAMS EFFORTLESSLY. AlixSandra Parness, DD, is an ordained minister, spiritual teacher and healer whose fresh and original ideas, exercises, and techniques have carried her on an ascending spiral into the heart of joy. Discover more about this extraordinary program, Activate Intuitive Mastery. 

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Right now, you have the capacity to experience exquisite levels of Joy you never dreamt of. Activate Joy is that book to take us beyond self-help and into self-appreciation.What is shared on the pages of Activate Joy brings you into a world of possibilities and can change you forever — for the better — so much so that every day of your life becomes exciting and juicy.Activate Joy IS that book to take us beyond limitation.

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This Fabulous School

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Let me tell you about this fabulous school. When I founded the AlixSandra Parness’ Inner Focus Advanced Energy Healing School in 1994, it was to feed a need at that time both for personal expansion and the lifting of humanity. In the nineties there was an explosion of interest in the spiritual world and how it impacted our everyday life. …

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Morning Universe Normal

A plane is off the radar, endless questions and no answers, worldwide attention on what is missing,  heart-wrenching agony on …

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Joyous Spring

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Ahhhhh. Spring! Doesn’t that make you feel good? I can’t wait for spring to finally get here! Now your focus …

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Through AlixSandra Parness’ A.I.M. Intuitive Mastery Course, I now have the ability to move away from negative thoughts and negative emotions. I have been able to build a new blueprint of positive and uplifting thoughts that support my knowing, that all is well no matter what. I know that Mastering anything is a process and I am grateful to have been able to use the knowledge I gained from this course and come into sync with my Intuitive Self. What I found was that my joy is always there, waiting for me. I had a demonstration just a few days ago when I was faced with a younger family member in a health crisis. I made a deliberate choice not to go into the lower frequencies of grief and despair. The minute I made that decision I was able to access my Intuitive Self and lift the whole situation by appreciating all the good things, and good times we shared together. This course has changed my life. I know how to A.I.M. Higher. I can cry without sadness now because grief has no power over me. My tears are tears of appreciation and thanksgiving. Thank you AlixSandra for always finding the leading edge and then offering it to us. ~Barbra May, Chicago

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